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RN6********CN delivered in 30 days

Parcel arrived within 30 days undamaged and in good condition. At times the track stood still for days on end. It's one of the longest deliveries (for me personally) but with a positive outcome. Well done China Post :)

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RJ9********CN not delivered in 59 days

I ordered the item through Amazon India on 16 January 2017. Since it was international mail it was said that expecting date of delivery is 1 March 2017. It has not been delivered to me on that date. I waited for more days, than lodged complaint in They did refund for this item. On my question: where is my order? They said that it is still hold by Customs Office of India Post. I tracked my package through India Post website and through PackageRadar, it says clearly that it was delivered to my local post office, but delivery didnt proceed to the end. Looks like it was stuck in the office and then sent back to the previous office from it had been dispatched. Sad story. What have they done with my embroidery kit which i had been expected?

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RF4********CN not delivered in 74 days

não entendo pois efetuei uma compra no site aliexpress com código rastreador (RF482831025CN) que foi postado no dia 23/12/2016 Pacote aceito. Aliexpress Envio padrão. E parou de neste ponto no dia 25/12/2016 Em trânsito - Chegou ao ponto de percurso O Shenzhen Exchange Bureau. Dai em diante não foi mais atualizado, mantem assim desde então; O que sera que aconteceu com minha encomenda, que não consigo saber a situação de onde ela esta?

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RS0********CN delivered in 101 days

hellp mai tracing RSO96482823CN 2016 14,11 trade is no longer aliexpress please ensure that transactions package

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RS8********CN delivered in 55 days

Hi seidu I'm glad for packegerada fact I placed order on December 4 - 2016 and rreceive it on February 2 - 2017

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RI9********CN delivered in 42 days

I was ready to give up because there was no way to know from the China Post where the package was. But the support team from 3fvape has been very helpful, assisting me in tracking the package, answering my questions promptly and kindly. It gave me hope and finally my package was delivered, all articles as described.

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RS8********CN not delivered in 62 days

Horrible carrier. Did not even manage to get my order out of China (literally across the border) in 62 days.

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RH3********CN delivered in 45 days

This item was received on time(28/10/2016) in a very good condition I just missed posting the review, China post is good and reliable.

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RH3********CN delivered in 27 days

Item has been received on 29/11/2016 in good condition, delivery was quick, this is is a good company.

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RO6********CN not delivered in 9 days

El paquete fue entregado a otro pais que na que ver en francia y yo vivo en chile no me dan solu ion ni nad

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RS1********CN delivered in 24 days

Recebi meu pacote muito rápido, acompanhei do inicio até o fim, com o produto em mãos vi que não é tão bom quanto imaginei mais gostei do produto, e da entrega mais ainda, RECOMENDO.

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RN1********CN delivered in 21 days

I have ordered a bag from aliexpress and I received it in about 3 weeks, Italy, the parcel wasn't damaged and I was satisfied with the order

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