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update i never received this package it was not delivered to me even though tracking said it was delivered on the 10th of January 2021 I believe that this is a scam delivery service and I would never use it again and I would advise anyone else not to go anywhere near this QFL CHINA they are a joke a rip off they stink amazing has China can be so effective at delivering a virus around the world so available to everyone and yet they cannot deliver this product what a joke.... It is my feeling that the administration do not have the balls publish this because they are cheats where is my parcel

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I never received my order. It had been "stopped" since November 2020 in China. I complained to AliExpress and opened a dispute. Soon after, the seller informed me that my order had arrived. But I noticed that the last six FAKE updates have been inserted TODAY. This is very serious, maybe that order never existed.

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