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Courier reviews by Pattylove2shop

I will never buy from Wish ever again!! I placed an order May 3, 2020 since the middle of July I’ve tried to contact a human being which is impossible on any wish website. They sent me back generic emails that don’t even pertain to the question I asked it’s like a robot answer is there some thing. Meanwhile they’ve taken my $56 back on May 3 when I placed the order and they’ve been enjoying using my money Ever since. BUT they don’t care about sending me my order. It appears that I May 11th It was sent back to them for some reason, the tracking shows returned/ undeliverable was from a warehouse it went to!!! Now today I got a email my order is now in archive!! Wish is a scam!!! Sadly they have some honest vendors but this “Wish post” seems like one of the delivery venues. I will he contacting PayPal and my bank to start a dispute for failed services-order not delivered!! You lost a good customer Wish Post and I see I’m not alone!!!

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