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Another Wish order that is lost in transit. Havnt had a update in forever.

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This is ridiculous. Wish post is the most unreliable of all shipping companies. Every item that I have ever received that came through Wish Post as taken no less than 125 days to receive. The attempt to get a accurate location using thier tracking is impossible, they shouldn't give a tracking number, its only use is to piss you off and make you have a bad day. Wish.com is a joke... I'm from here on out using ebay, Amazon or Etsy to order online.. I recommend every one to do the same. *UPDATE* AS SOON AS I POSTED THIS REVIEW I RECEIVED A NOTIFICATION THAT THE SHIPMENT HAS AT THAT VERY SECOND BEEN SENT BACK TO THE SENDER.. 95 DAYS INTO THIS SHIPMENT.. HAVEN'T HEARD ANYTHING IN OVER 47 DAYS & NOW AFTER I GIVE THEM A BAD REVIEW MY ORDER THAT I'VE BEEN WAITING ON IS GETTING SHIPPED BACK TO THE SENDER??!!! SERIOUSLY!

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