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Review by j.d.fitton about DHL Global Mail package RX9********DE

RX9********DE delivered in 27 days

An update for New Zealand deliveries a continuation of feed back already given on another packet. This package took 27 days compared with others I have in the pipeline.I received today also a packet that has taken 90 days. I have another three that will take about that long as well.The good news is this packet did not take the 70day boat trip during the transit but about 10 days from that point by air instead.So looks like now transit now from about a month ago is taking 60days less.(eg -70days boat +10 days Air from boat point giving a decrease of 60days.).About a 4 week delivery is now getting into the normal range of delivery before covid 19.

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Items from Ebay Shipped DHL Global Registered mail Packet plus. I have 5 items coming to me this way Time in Transit 17,48,59,73,80 days so far to New Zealand On DHL website shipping to New Zealand From November 2020 By air to Asia the put on boat to New Zealand . from there.It took about 16days by Air to the boat and I know normal shipping times from An Asian port is about 12 weeks from there to New Zealand. On DHL website mentions only about 50 days but adding up the totals would be well in excess of that.Add the Totals of days would be around or in excess of 100 days.Ebay has a 60day time limit for claims.which complicates things.It will be interesting how close my estimate to delivery of the different lots, DHL estimate has long gone.DHL has actually put the items on a Slow Boat From China.It is not the fault of the seller but DHL. To note In the last few months I have sent 2 different Registered mail using NZ post to different parts of the world they were delivered within a 10 day time frame.This information has been put in case others my experience similar problem.

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A group of three packages where sent from Feb to March this year to New Zealand.These were delayed by shipping (Covid 19)All received today for reference they took 92days,98days,111days.I only have current packages now in the pipeline.I hope this is a help to anyone still waiting.

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Received the parcel is perfect condition and within time. For a few days the status was slightly foggy yet it seemed it was in in transit over the Atlantic Ocean. Overall very content with the service.

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