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F-false E-ever D-department E-eat X-xanax that means Fedex Worst shipping company ever Tracking number394519667169 This is my package,came to Dublin 17.07 be in Dublin till 27.07 to make clereance (10 days??) after that i got mail that i will get him is 1.8 and i still didnt get him. After 3 days when my shippment cleared from customs i still didnt get my shippment !? What is problem with Fedex!?!?! When i was today connect to my account,on my wall was that they try Yesterday delivery to me and no one in the house. I was with my wife and two groan children all day in the house and no one came ...lyars This isnt true, because i have been all day in the house with my wife and two groan kids,no one came here,i was looking all day every car on window because on package radar i have information that package left office to me. Because i dont work in the moment i am all day in the house and they didnt try to deliver any package,lyars 😠 Awfull curier,no one answer in Dublin for days,i call over 50 times,lying to giving me delivery yesterday...what next...i have send my seller mail never send me goods over Fedeeeex...Delivery experts my ass 😠😠😠🤣😂 I will never use them in the future very poor qualit...

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Package was left out in pouring rain (this is the 2nd time it has happened) even after leaving special instructions about where to leave it. I have contacted FedEx and was told they would contact my regions manager and assured me it wouldnt happen any more. My items were not damaged, but could have been.

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