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Courier reviews by BRS98

VNPOST is so bad and obstinate, they fail to deliver my package because the mailman thinks my package is missing my phone number but the truth is it wasn't missing and my address and phone are actually attached to the top of the package by JAPAN POST when I go to my local post office to receive the package. The worst part about VNPOST is their customer support, they refuse to contact the office in charge of my package delivery for re-inspection about my address and phone number unless I got an image of the EMS label from the sender, and if they did contact the office then by that time your package has already got sent back to where it came from. And you know what after the first fail delivery attempt they immediately try to get the package to be sent back to JAPAN. If you sent something from abroad to Viet Nam try to write some note like "Số điện thoại *insert your phone here*" as big as possible on the package and try to get an image of the EMS label of your package from the sender as soon as possible before your package arrives at Viet Nam or you have to bring your identity card and go to post office to receive your package.

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